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Cryo Globes

Cryo Globes


Harness the power of cold therapy and massage your complexion with cooling Cryo Globes for an instant radiance restoring treatment.


Instant cooling effect to calm the complexion

Minimize redness

Visibly reduce puffiness

Stimulate circulation

Oxygenate the skin

Reduce the appearance of pores

How to Use:

AM – Massage after applying your skin care to de-puff and perk up your complexion. Applying an oil or serum will help the globes glide seamlessly over the skin.

PM – Use in the evening as your last step to soothe the skin and seal in your skin care products.

*Suitable for all skin types

*If you have very sensitive skin, always consult your dermatologist before using and discontinue or use in case of any adverse reaction. Intended for external use.

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