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Decadent, results-driven


Tucked away in a cozy room just south of Biltmore Village, BLOOM SkinCare & Beauty offers the highest standard in innovative & proven skincare treatments & products, fused with decadent relaxation & genuine self care.


We're so glad you're here! Take a minute to look around... learn more about BLOOM, peruse the menu & be sure to reach out if you have any questions.

Welcome to BLOOM

What's New at BLOOM...


Our New 
Online Store!

Great Skin Care...
just a click away!

We are so excited to let you know that we have officially opened our online SkinCare Store. Click on over to the shop to order your favorite Green Envee & Circadia products.

If you are new to BLOOM, or don't live close by, but are wanting to learn how to best care for your skin &  would like professional recommendations within Circadia or Green Envee's product lines, please reach out! Start a chat by clicking the icon to the right & we will be so happy to help you!

*The store is password protected, so reach out to Kelleigh or Chelsea at 828 418 6111 to confirm  recommendations & learn the password, or become a member of this website to gain access. (Click on the avatar at the top of the page to join).

We now have a Wait List Form!

If you are not able to find a time that suits your schedule online, you can now add yourself to BLOOM's Wait List through our new GlossGenius booking site.


You can let us know specific or general times that best suit you. You can request your preferred esthetician. You can tell us which treatments you'd like to schedule.


Then, when a spot opens up that accommodates your preferences, we'll let you know!

Start out by selecting the esthetician you'd prefer to see, if you have a preference, then choose the treatments you'd like to schedule. If you don't see the date & time you'd like to schedule available, simply choose to be added to the waitlist.


Reward System

We are so grateful for each of our guests & want you all to know how valued YOU are!

  • Each $1 spent on treatments earns 1 point

  • Each $1 spent on products earns 2 points

  • Accrue points to redeem Treatment  Boosters!

  • Your choice of Rewards include Foot or Hand Treatments, Eye Treatment, Facial Waxing or Tinting or Refreshing Scalp Massage, depending on the number of points you have accrued.

  • Points are not transferable for cash.

  • Points cannot be earned on already discounted services or packages.

  • Points do not expire.

  • EARN 50 POINTS FOR REFERRING A FRIEND TO BLOOM! (Points awarded after friend's visit)

  • Points can be awarded to other clients. Gift a Friend!

BLOOM's Room Update

Over the Labor Day weekend we decided we wanted to make BLOOM's space feel more cozy & relaxing, so we chose to update the walls with a deep teal & place a new rug under the bed. It has definitely added a more luxurious, moody feel to the space & has been a welcome change by clients this week.

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